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're at rock bottom. at 1100, as low as i ever want to see us go. >> reporter: police provided evidence and would have recommended murder charges if moreno was still alive. nbc bay area news. >>> it was a big day on capital hill, not because of the economy or jobs but progress stemming from san bruno. senator barbara boxer continued the fight to make gas lines saver. she described what happened in san bruno last year as an absolute horror. vicki has been following the story. how significant was today? >> reporter: huge, raj. today's hearing comes hours after the senate unanimous vote to regulate the pipe industry. senator boxer said the deadly explosion in san bruno was entirely preventable and pg&e and regulators missed multiple opportunities to catch the failure in that pipeline. to its credit, pg&e told lawmakers it hired a former ntsb chairman to oversee the massive changes. jim hall will report directly to them about the progress. the company is aware it needs to modernize its system and set now standards for operational and public safety. the new laws call for automatic and remote
very sad. >> reporter: the latest u.s. census numbers show 111,000 indian americans now live in santa clara county, one of the fastest growing populations in the south bay. some in the indian american community speculate they may be targets because the price of gold is high. today is went for more than $1621 an ounce. and indians tend to buy good quality gold. >> you generally won't find people buying 18 karat gold, because it's also investment. >> reporter: an investment police say people need to do more to protect. fremont police say they have definitely seen an increase in burglary. they suggest you keep the jewelry in a safe at home or in a safe deposit box. nbc bay area news. >> good advice. thank you so much. >>> 67-year-old l.a. county map is lucky to be alive tonight after his car plummeted off a mountain road into a ravine. his own children used technology and determination to find him themselves and begin his rescue. garvin thomass has the story. >> i thought i heard a voice and i said hello, and i screamed down there, and then someone said help. >> reporter: that someone wa
protesters and police got ugly. not even news crews were spared as they used tear gas to break up the crowd. >> i think it's obvious the oakland police department is lying through their teeth about exactly what went down. >> reporter: today demonstrators showed off some of the devices they say were used on them, including bean bags, tear gas canisters and rubber bullets. >> watching my brothers and sisters in the street running from the government, shooting at them and attacking them. i sort of feel strange today. >> reporter: demonstrators held a vigil outside the plaza for a man they say was critically injured in last night's protest. this man says he got hit with a rubber bullet when he tried helping the veteran who he says was hit by a tear gas canister. >> i know there's a lot of angry people out there and everything. but there's peaceful people too. and you don't have to hurt us, you know? i've never done anything to anyone. >> there's a huge community people built right now. they think fences and police officers and batons and weapons are going to break that up on? it's only going to
. that policy prohibits them from using rubber bullets, and includes strict guidelines for the use of tear gas. >> you cannot go to a demonstration, be non-violent and then get yourself beaten or shot. that's what we're criticizing in egypt, tunisia and libya, and it's not appropriate there and it's not appropriate here. >> that's one of the things we're looking at. we're looking at did somebody else bring that in? did they not hear the rules, what we could have done to make sure in these mutual assistance packs that rules are followed. >> reporter: a tv spot criticizing the mayor and the city of oakland is airing in the bay area as folks across the country express their outrage. >> i hope they bring the telephone system down in city hall, with so many telephone calls and e-mails. it's appropriate that we stand behind in solidarity with all these people that are out here. >> reporter: and we are back here live, you can see once again hundreds of demonstrators have gathered here at fran frank ogawa plaza, continuing talks for a general strike which will take place next wednesday, that is a city
in our environment. mary ann join us with advice. >> it has also been found in some types of lettuce, but this is the one thing you need to remember. heat is your friend. that's the best way to kill listeria, but if that's not an option, there are other ways to minimize your risk. this is what listeria looks like under the mike scope. >> listeria has a remarkable ability to travel from one cell to the other in the human body without going outside. >> enabling it to hide from antibodies, with possibly deadly consequenc consequences. >> in some people, it can get into the brain and cause meningitis. >> in the latest outbreak, it is blamed for the deaths of at least 15 people nationwide. health officials traced four strains to this colorado antelope farm. and farms in solinas is recalling more than 90 cases of bagged, chopped, romaine lettuce after a sample detected listeria. experts say the bacteria occurs naturally in our environment, found in soil and water, so how do you protect your family? allen teaches food handling safety at san jose state university. he says cooking is your onl
had been tampered with by the time they got to the victim but would not give us any details on how exactly it may have been compromised. one woman who was at the funeral said she and her husband had just left when she heard about the shooting. >> i'm just shocked. i'm really shocked that something would happen because i've known hell's angels and all the other groups for years and years and years and there is a code of ethics. you never do anything at a funeral. i mean, just -- that is completely abominable. >> reporter: police say so far no one has been arrested and they have no suspects. right now they are still working on interviewing witnesses. police say there were 4,000 people at the funeral for pettigrew when the shooting occurred. he was shot last month in a casino in sparks, nevada allegedly by a member of the rival club. the cemetery has been shut down as well as the surrounding streets as i mentioned as investigators gather what evidence they can. live in san jose, kimberly terry, nbc. >> thank you. >>> tens of thousands of people around the world took to the streets tod
police department. she will be briefing us in about ten minutes. she did tell me that they do not have the suspect. so far, we'll have an update coming up at 6:00. reporting live in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> once again, this is a safety issue and a traffic issue. parts of westbound 580 near the high street exit are closed. we'll continue to follow this story throughout this newscast. 24 hours of terror. a day and night filled with tension and fear. but it's finally over. the man believed to be responsible for yesterday's deadly shootingpree is dead himself. three deputies spotted a person around 7:30 this morning. it wasn't too far from where he tried to carjack a woman yesterday. officers say he was brandishing a gun, and they opened fire on him once he approached them. serious questions remain about what triggered him to kill three people and injure several others. we have reports from multiple angles tonight. jodi hernandez talks to the survivor of a shooting spree. we begin with marianne favro. >> reporter: raj, very just confirmed with the santa clara county coro
signed into law today. among the 140 bills, tanning beds. teens are no longer allowed to use tanning salons even with parents' permission. other new laws, governor brown outlawed the open carrying of unloaded gun is citing safety concerns. he approved a bill requiring health plans to cover behavioral therapy for children with autism. all these laws go into effect on new year's day. >>> we have some developing news happening right now. hundreds of people are demonstrating in downtown oakland as part of occupy oakland. here's a live picture of the protests which started about an hour ago in downtown oakland. it's very peaceful right now as you can see. but a large demonstration gathering. this demonstration is part of a grassroots movement that's been sweeping the country from san francisco to new york city. we hear teachers and nurses' unions are part of this protest. the occupy wall street movement is a mass demonstration against financial greed and corruption that started in new york in mid-september. the group claimed to advocate for 99% of americans and against the 1% which they s
not be the only answer. it should be used in situations where it's truly above and beyond the normal daily activity of the tent. and then that would lead to sustainability of fiscal sustainability later on. >> the professor adds the problem isn't unique to san jose, that departments throughout the state are struggling to find balance. >>> a man in san jose is taking the occupy movement to new heights. this morning an occupy san jose protester perched on a ledge outside of city hall. protesters say the man's name is sean o'kelly. police say he's been up there since early this morning. at one point he unfurled a homemade banner on the wall expressing dedication to the cause. police say they're not going to force him to come down but they will be keeping an eye on him to make sure he's safe. >>> bay area religious leaders joined occupy protesters in san francisco rallying against corporate wealth and greed. they say conditions in america need to change and they're standing up with the middle class and the poor. the interfaith group carried a golden calf to four financial institutions downtown
't enter the camp unless there's a call for service, and in response to police using tear gas on protesters here on tuesday night, the oscar grant committee organized an against police brutality event that will take place behind me this evening. details at 5:30. elise kir shall ner, bay area news. >> thank you. >>> another group calling itself the other 98% planned an event today at ocean beach. this event was planned months ago, before the occupy movement took off and was scheduled almost a year before election day 2012. the idea was to use human bodies as a medium for the message tax the 1%. >> we know why we are here. the dice are loaded, the game is rigged. we are sending the message there are 98, 99% of us that think there's an equitable way to fix the loaded dice and rigged system and this is a place to start. >> they spelled out tax the 1% with human bodies there as you can see. it was accomplished about noon. about a thousand participated in the message. the additional message? the middle class is too big to fail. >>> what they call a matter of life and death, dozens of friends and
part in the largest earthquake drill in u.s. history. the tech museum hosted several schools to join in on the simulation. the message was drop, cover and hold on. at 10:20 this morning, dozens of students took part in the statewide drill. they also did other hands on activities to learn more how to react to the earthquake. they have a great simulator you can get in, it simulates different earthquakes that have happened around the world. today was part of earthquake museum wake. >> continues our earthquake coverage. you'll see videos of how to prepare for an earthquake both in and away from your own home. >>> international news now, moammar gadhafi, one of the longest serving dictators in the world was killed today. gadhafi killed during a gunfight while resisting capture by libyan rebels. here's a look at people gathering in tripoli, celebrating the dictator's death. guns were fired into the air, trucks doing wheelies, hundreds of people waiving the flag of their new nation. >>> a dramatically scene in new york. libya formally admitted gadhafi's responsibility for the
is calling a new anti-abortion funding bill an assault on women's health. the u.s. house passed the bill known as the protect life act. if it passes the senate, the legislation would amend the new health care law to prevent federal money be used to pay for any health insurance plan that pays for abortion. >> i can't even describe to you the logic of what it is they are doing. i just know that you will see a large number of women on the floor today fighting for women's health issues as well as to point out how savage this is, withholding care for a woman, because of this legislation. >> pelosi says congress should not be concentrating on that type of law, but should consider the americans job act to boost the economy. >>> a bitter custody battle over a 7-year-old boy is believed to be behind yesterday's deadly shooting in southern california. home video cameras were rolling as scott surrendered to police today. his wife claimed in court papers he was mentally unstable. he opened fire at the salon where his ex-wife worked killing 8 people and wounding one. the couple divorced in 2007. the
president. prub president bush agreed to u.s. pullout by 2012. since 2003, the war has cost 4469 u.s. lives, 32,000 u.s. wounded, 1136, u.s. amputees and 700 to $800 billion. in iraq, the last 39,000 u.s. forces are loading up, celebrating years of effort iraqis now in charge. >> they have an operating democratic government of sorts. >> reporter: but civil war remains possible. critics complain the pullout is premature. >> there is perception around the world the united states is weakening and withdrawing. >> reporter: president obama would have left some troops in iraq as trainers and possible targets but the iraqis would not grant them illegal immunity so he pulled the whole force. >> the long war in iraq will come to an end. >> reporter: it's a popular move. >> that's fantastic. the end is great. >> the toll it's taken on our economy, it's been a disaster for the country. >> reporter: the president says his earlier drawdown switches the focus back to al qaeda and helped get osama bin laden. now, the president says we can better focus on jobs. >> after a decade of war, the nation t
. >> if this keeps coming year after year after year, it's going to beg the obvious question, will the state give us satisfactory dollars, adequate dollars, to receive the population or expecting the local fund to pick up the tab. that's what i'm concerned about. >> reporter: the state is providing san francisco with about $6 million to cover the cost for the transfer of prisoners which falls way short of the $15 million the city will have to spend to take care of these inmates. the san mateo county jail is at 125% capacity, the sheriff there says that he's trying to squeeze in an additional 200 inmates but you can see why many counties feel the state is just shifting this burden on them. monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. first cantaloupe, now lettuce. a farm is recalling 30,000 pounds of chopped romaine lettuce because of possible listeria contamination. the fda found the bacteria during a random check of true leaf farms lettuce. it was shipped to wholesalers in more than 20 states and canada. california is one of those states. the recall covers lettuce with a use by date of september
and once in office declared prosecuting medical marijuana was not an efficient use of state resources. this month, the department of justice and irs have been cracking down on marijuana dispensaries threatening to forfeiture property and crackdown. and how california seemed to be making progress trying to decriminalize marijuana all together. the federal government could be getting in the way. >> i think they're acting rather like thugs. >> reporter: what did obama talk about during the fund-raiser? who knows? we certainly don't. the obama administration didn't allow any local media into this event. only white house correspondents were allowed in there. that's unusual for this administration and previous ones. no one knows why. live in san francisco, traci grant, nbc bay area news. >>> we're following a gas line rupture in san jose. a construction crew hit a gas line while digging on the 3200 block. it's north near several massive construction projects, construction workers in the area were evacuated. pg&e crews are at the scene right now and say the leak is no longer a threat but we
if you can hear us. >> reporter: i can hear you. there is a tale of two stories here at occupy oakland. i'm going to step away so you can see what's going on. we've got a debt city that has grown for about a week. and it has been growing and growing and growing. some members of occupy oakland are angry with the media right now. cameras are here and one member of the group got mad at us because we were shooting inside some of the living spaces. they said we needed to ask permission. meanwhile, that's kind of exactly what's going on here at occupy oakland. let's take a look at what's going on from up e.r.a. boff. i think our chopper shot can show you how big this is growing. i estimate that there's probably about 300 people here right now. and the situation has been going on week ago today. it's not only going on here in oakland, it's going on here in san francisco. it's kind of a community here. people are talking to one another. there's sort of teach-ins going on. and there are a lot of children here. and maybe a lot of the children being home-schooled here. so there are some good things
for the mayor allowing the protesters to move back in. we bring in jodi hernandez who joins us from oakland. a lot of criticism nationally and locally for mayor quan. >> there certainly is, raj. people here are very angry both with mayor quan and the city of oakland. and as promised, they are setting up camp once again, you can see the tents have been pitched out here at frank ogalla plaza. about a dozen tents have been set up here tonight. there is growing outrage over the injuries suffered by an iraq war veteran. can you see a tribute has been set up here at the plaza for scott olson, who was seriously injured during tuesday night's protest. his story is getting national and international attention tonight. and today we talked to somebody who was standing right next to him when he went down. >> they started firing the tear gas and everyone ran. >> claire describes the chaos of tuesday night. she was protesting alongside iraq war veteran scott olson when he got hit with what witnesses say was a tear gas canister. >> i turned over his eyes were rolling in the back of his head. he was bleedi
and to help find a match, he's using facebook and twitter, and his friend's money. we bring in chris sanchez who has more on him and the man using their cash to sweeten the search. the story getting a lot of international attraction. >> a lot of folks are talking about this. amit gupta's friends are reaching out via blogs and twitter trying to get them to brag to the world i swag for amit. while the twitter hash tag is novel for something like this, so is the cash reward attached to it. most people who know amit gupta know him like this. he's the 32-year-old founder of photo jo jo, a company dedicated to making ptography fun. but life's become decidedly anything but fun for gupta, since his lu chem yeah diagnosis. here he is in his hospital room. >> the hardest part was just, you know, you start your life, you build a life thinking that you've got 85 years, or whatever it is. and kind of making plans for what you're going to do. and raising a family and all that kind of stuff. you don't know really what to do when it turns out that's not going to happen. >> gupta needs a bon
a shot and they use to use anesthetic and it doesn't work and it kills somebody later, they could be held liable when they could have destroyed the animal and eliminated the risk immediately. >> reporter: he says while california regulations help keep private individuals from owning exotic pets, there wasn't much to be done to prevent what happened in ohio. >> you can't govern somebody doing something crazy. therefore, you can't throw the baby out with the bath water. you can't blame the people that are doing it correctly and responsibly you have to differentiate between them. and that's what we're hoping people will consider here. >> reporter: he is on a board that makes recommendations to the department of fish and game in regard to exotic animal ownership. he says the state should adopt stricter restrictions like california has, including ohio, which he says is in the process of doing so. live in salinas, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thanks for the update. >>> apple employees gathered at the cupertino campus today to celebrate the life of their late ceo, steve jobs. here
. monte? >> reporter: the search started at 7:00 this morning. puts us at hour 11 of the manhunt. the suspect is still at large. right now police are concentrating their efforts just a few blocks from here. see they have blocked off the street right there. we are at homestead and quayle avenue. just an hour and a half ago we saw members of the s.w.a.t. team ru running of the avenue, led by a bloodhound that apparently picked up on a saicent. the s.w.a.t. team surrounded no fewer than ten homes throughout the day with guns drawn. 2:00, acting on a tip, officers surrounded a men's bathroom at a park not far from here. they brought una in a remote controlled robot. went in, opened the bathroom door, went inside. the suspect not there. police have covered four weapons, including a rifle. but the suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. a warning that left residents on edge. >> something happened that would make some one do this kind of thing. i pray to god they find him and he doesn't hurt anybody else. >> i'm frustrated. i have to go to work. i couldn't go home. this neighb
of you may be sleeping. you can see the front with the most aggressive wind and rain will be over us at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. that will mean heavier rain continuing to develop tonight. wind could gust as high as 30 miles an hour and we'll talk about the winter storm warning and how much rain we could get from this in a few minutes. >> okay. we'll see you soon. >>> a terrifying accident in new york city today. it all went down in a matter of minutes. a helicopter operated by a tour company crashed in new york's east river. you see the footage of the aftermath. it crashed moments after taking off from a heliport from the water. it was sinking and rescuers rushed to the scene and the pilot and three passengers were rescued, a fourth passenger drowned. the chopper itself sank 50 feet to the river floor. the nypd said the helicopter malfunctioned after takeoff and trying to return to the helipad. this is a tour helicopter, something we have in the bay area. the tour companies in san francisco do not use the same type of chopper that crashed today. >> by the mother of a san jose child is fearing
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of a medical breakthrough tonight, a successful double hand transplant, only the fourth of its kind in the u.s. this is a 65-year-old massachusetts man, a quadruple amputee, lost his arms below the elbows and legs below the knees after contracting a bloodstream infection called sepsis almost 10 years ago. >> a miracle because you do what everybody else does. i will tell them and you that it took 25 or 30 miracles a day to be that person. i will have to -- i won't have to pull up to get up in the morning. >> a team of doctors and nurses helped perform the 12 hour operation. it may take nine months before mangino will have full sensation in his new hands but doctors say he's already wiggling his fingers and making fast progress. his goal to one day feel the faces of his children. looks like it will come true. >> that is remarkable. >> beautiful day. wearing bright colors. feels like summer. >> in the last couple of days, we've had 80s and 90s and after 5:00, still in the 80s in san jose. does feel like summer outside in santa clara valley. 82 degrees, in san francisco, close to 80. not much of a
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